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Shirl Aldana

Shirley Aldana, Founder

Shirley Aldana is a Guatemalan immigrant raised in Los Angeles. Growing up in Guatemala, and living through a horrific earthquake in 1976 taught Shirley the importance of collaborative work at a young age.  Once in the United States, she was further influenced by her ESL classroom experiences, which taught her the importance of tolerance and acceptance that helped develop a compassionate fascination for other cultures.  Exposing her to multicultural and diverse life experiences.

As an adult, Shirley returned to college as a nontraditional student and a working mother of teenagers.  She studied Urban Applied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Southern California where she did field studies on collaboration and relationship building. Shirley Aldana - Enlace  She did internships at the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women, and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). She believes that local government, profit and nonprofit sectors rely on community involvement to help them build trust and create alliances among unlikely groups allowing for more creative approaches on coalition and cooperation.

Her minor studies in Race, Ethnicity and Politics exposed her to the some of the socio and economic inequities still prevalent in today’s society.  She strongly believes that through education, innovation and economic opportunity we can collaboratively help resolve some of those societal ills.

She is a proud mother of three young adults who themselves are committed to community building. She is also grandmother to two beautiful girls. She lives with her life-partner in Austin, Texas.


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