About Enlace Consulting Group

Enlace Consulting Group

About Enlace Consulting and Resource Group:

Shirley Aldana, Founder and CEO at Enlace Consulting and Resource Group, has an exceptional commitment to the advancement of diverse communities. Shirley’s can do attitude and strong work ethic have helped create opportunities through positive pathways to succeed in her corporate and non-profit and entrepreneurial careers.

Enlace Consulting and Resource Group was born after twenty-five years of business and work experience in diverse fields including: Healthcare Information Administration, Nonprofit Management, Operations Management, and Real Estate and Property Management.

She has developed a multicultural competence, and diversity leadership-training program that promotes inclusiveness and growth opportunity in the workforce for minorities and diverse employees, helping employers tap into multicultural and diverse markets.  Her motivation was sparked upon discovering a growing consumer consciousness, particularly in minority and diverse markets.  Those markets support entities that are involved in their communities. For the last five years she has witnessed businesses spending millions of dollars on multicultural marketing strategies, but fail to focus on their number one source for tapping into those markets, their workforce; their human capital.

Shirley combines her deep passion for diversity management, recruiting, coaching, and leadership development with her extensive corporate experience and interpersonal skills to empower clients to adopt and implement a customized Diversity and Inclusion Business Plan (a platform which furthers their mission) for the benefit and success of their overall operation.


About Shirley Aldana